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The Origins of Music


This movie is an insight on the components of human musicality.   A journey across human musical behaviours with a biological approach to their origins; putting ourselves, the Homo sapiens, into perspective in a frame that includes many other animal species. 


It is an introduction to Biomusicology, a recently established branch of Biology that we explore through the combination of different cinematic languages: as are Nature Documentary, Ethnographic Film, Music Video, Traditional and Motion-Graphics Animations and Video-Art.


The work of the researches involved in this field is still widely unknown and the concept of Music being an exclusive trait of human beings is a misconception still very well rooted in many cultures and even academic environments. 


Throughout the film, we examine the components of human musicality and their evolutionary course. Starting by taking a metaphorical glance to the early stages of our planet and the beginning of life, and  into the ever more complex creatures we see in our world today. 

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